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Why Muslims only worship One God(Allah)

Every single human in this world have God, even they are atheists. If some people say that there is no such a thing as God, it means that they are accepting their mind as their God. Why? Because they believe in their mind. It has the same meaning that they accept their mind as their God. Every single religion have their own God with the different name in different language. In this essay, we would like to talk about God in Islam which known as Allah.

We may think “why Islam only has one God?” It is different with the other religions, which have more than one God. I come up with one idea about driving a car. What will happen to a car if we have more than one driver? Let we imagine that one of the driver want to turn right the car and another want to turn left. Yes, it may be giving trouble in controlling the car itself.  Allah puts forth a parable: a man belonging to many partners disputing with one another, and a (slave) man belonging entirely to one master. Are those two equal in comparison?

Beside about controlling, there are some theory that prove that Allah is unique, which means that there is no God that can be compare with him. That is written in surah Al-Ikhlas verses 1-4, "
1.     He is Allah, Ahad.
2.     Allah As-Samad,
3.     He begets not, nor was He begotten.
4.     And there is none comparable to Him.”
This surah describe every single characteristics of Allah as God. The first one is the most important one, which means Allah is the One which meaning he is the one and only God that can be worshipped. Ahad is different with Wahid in Arabic which means One (number). If we are saying Allah is Wahid, it means Allah can be counted. Two divided by two is one, One times one is one. That is why Allah used words Ahad instead of words Wahid. Because Allah cannot be counted. The second one is Allah As-Samad, this words has no meaning in English, but we are using words ‘Absolute’ as the translation in Qur’an. The real meaning of As-Samad is that everybody depend on Him, but he is not depend on anyone. That is the real meaning of As-Samad. For the number three, as we know that meaning He does not have any children or parents, He stands by himself. The last one is the unique character that never be mention by any God you ever heard. It means that he is none comparable to any God that created by human being.
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