Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

When I need a reason to Pray, Fast, and have a God

A(atheist): Hey, you moslem, why do you have to pray, that's useless, you know? What kind of benefit you gonna receive from doing such a thing?
M(Moslem): Hmm, so, now I'm asking, why do you have to eat?
A: Of course, If we don't eat anything, we will die because lack of energy to do our activities.
M: Then, pray is just same for us, it'
s a spiritual food for our mind and our soul.
A: I don't need that...What is that for?
M: then, do you why some people get stress and go suicide?
A: Of course it's because of their problem.
M: Then, I say that's because lack of spiritual food to keep their mind and soul to do activities in their heart. They go suicide because they don't have something to rely on, it's different from us as a moslem.

#Sorry for my poor english~...
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Saya adalah seorang Muslim, seorang anak, seorang mahasiswa S-2, seorang warga negara Indonesia, yang sedang merantau di negeri Anime

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